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HR Management / Outsourcing
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The strength of every enterprise lies in its personnel. Thats why OTEplus deals with the organisational planning of Human Resources, by designing job roles, incentives systems and human resources evaluation systems as well as skills development programmes (training design - organisation - implementation).

Furthermore, OTEplus provides human resources outsourcing services as well as in-house recruiting and hiring services to organisations, supporting different areas of their operation with specialised personnel. With maximum efficiency and accountability, we also deliver services related to the recruitment of senior executives that ensure superior quality in executive selection. We offer consulting and operational support on human resources management helping our clients businesses achieve workforce performance optimisation.

Our Human Resources services expand across the following areas:

Human Resources Management (HRM)
Job Families/Roles Description
Career Path and Succession Planning
HR Staffing Plan
Recruiting and Hiring Management Support
HR Performance Management Support
Workforce Management Optimisation
HR compensation Framework
HR Monitoring and Evaluation
Employee Satisfaction Research
Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)
HRO Needs Identification and Cost-Benefit Analysis
HRO Planning
HRO Staffing (on demand, for certain specialisation)
HRO Monitoring and Evaluation
Training Management
Training Needs Analysis and Training Program Formulation
Training Organisation
Training Implementation (on demand, for certain areas)
Training Program, Tutors and Trainees Evaluation

Business Cases
`Mini-SYZEFXIS` training organisation and implementation
`SYZEFXIS` training organisation and implementation
Consulting support for the establishment and operation of the Tourism Education and Training Forum (Ministry of Tourism)
HR Management Optimisation Study for OTE (OTE-HRO)
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