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Training Services
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Executive Training of the Public Sector Servants who were Responsible for the ‘Mini-SYZEFXIS’ Project in their Organizations and Administration of the Project as a Whole
Client : OTE S.A.
Duration : 04/2008 – 12/2008
Description :The project objective included the provision of the following services:
• Classroom training
• On the Job training
• Overall project management and coordination

The project reflected in numbers:
Classroom training: 1.500 trainees, in 50 prefectures across the country, with 40 qualified trainers, in 44 training centres in Greece
On the job training: 760 public sector organisations, with 40 qualified trainers

Expansion and Update of the Data Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Client : Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE S.A.) / Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Duration : 01/2008 – 12/2008
Description :The project objective included the update of the business capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs data network, exploiting cutting edge technologies in network implementation and more specifically it involved the transition from the FDDI back bone technology to the Gigabit Ethernet.

ĎÔĹplus was responsible for the Planning, Organisation, and Implementation of the executive training of 10 Network Administrators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The trainees attended 60 hours classroom training which focused on this network project and the new services it involved. Totally 600 training hours were provided.

Service provision on operation of training procedure and learning content management system (National Centre for Public Administrator and Local Government)
Client : OTEnet / National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA)
Duration : 04/2007 – 11/2008
Description :OTEplus participated in the Implementation Study of the project which included twenty-four (24) distinct parts.

More specifically, OTEplus role comprised of the following tasks:
• Project Management and Quality Control
• Finalisation and prioritisation of business, operational and technical requirements of the project-definition and clarification of the project scope, according to the contract, the tender and Technical Bid
• Finalisation-specialisation of business objectives and requirements to technical specifications and architectural approach - proposed design.
• Design the security policy of the Information System implementation Y.L.PI.S.D.E.D. and of the content distribution network.
• Training process methodology, training needs analysis methodology, training program structure.
• Identification of training needs of NCPAL executives for the groups of Administrators, Coordinators, and Trainers.
• Trainees professional profile and skills determined by the training needs analysis.

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