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Integrated Solutions - Digitalisation Services
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Development of Automated Ticket Sales and Access Control Systems in 18 Major Museums and Archaeological Sites in Greece
Client : Hellenic Culture Organisation / Ministry of Culture (PEP)
Duration : 02/2007 12/2011
Description :OTEplus has undertaken the implementation of the entire Project, in collaboration with three subcontractors, having as a final goal to supply, develop, install and customise and maintain of all the necessary Hardware and Software in order to provide an Integrated Access Management System (IAMS).

The above system will cover the following requirements:
1. Automated ticket sales for 18 selected Museums and Archaeological Sites around Greece.
2. Automated access control in the abovementioned selected sites.
3. Revenues management from sales of tickets

More specifically, the project scope included the following tasks:
Ensure the interconnection of each local site to the existing Central Monitoring System of PEP.
Implement all necessary construction works in order to install the equipment.
Reassure the interconnection of equipment of Integrated Ticket Sales Systems (ITSS) of all selected Archaeological Sites and Museums.
Interconnect the Local Site Central Management Stations (LSCMS) of each ITSS with the Local Stations Central Management System (LSCMS)
Provide the necessary training to selected employees, who will operate the new System,
Provide a three-year full Technical Warranty for the whole project.

Implementation of Geographical Database System (GIS) Network
Client : OTE S.A.
Duration : 09/2006 12/2010
Description :The scope of the project is the provision of support services to the Hellenic Telecommunication Organization (OTE SA) in order to implement a digital Geographical Information System (GIS) database for various Metropolitan Access Networks all over Greece.

More specifically, the project is comprised of:
The provision of support services regarding the organisation of the network drawings and various geographic elements for each access network, i.e. collecting ,classifying, monitoring/controlling and updating the network drawings and geographic elements that will be digitalized and incorporated into OTEs Digital Geographical Information System.
The provision of support services regarding the integration of a Digital Geographical Database of Topographic Background with the Access Network for specific telecomm exchanges of OTE.

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Digitilisation of OTE network maps for the OTE GIS network database
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