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HR Management / Outsourcing
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Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement
Client : OTE S.A.
Duration : 10/2006 – 01/2007
Description :The work undertaken to implement the union companies OTEplus AE - MRB HELLAS A.E. terms of measuring the satisfaction of internal customers (employees) of OTE.
The project was completed in three phases, which are summarized as follows:
• STEP 1: Qualitative Research - included group discussions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion and individual interviews with senior executives
• STEP 2: Quantitative Research - involved the distribution of questionnaires to all staff by Research Advisors . The survey will cover all geographical prefectures of the country. Control of data collection outputs and data processing.
• STEP 3: Analysis and Deliverables - includes data analysis and presentation of the Report

Reorganization and Human Resources Evaluation System
Client : INFOTE S.A.
Duration : 01/2006 – 05/2006
Description :The project scope was the design and development of a Human Resources Evaluation System for INFOTE as an essential mean to achieve the companys effectiveness / productivity targets.

The tasks completed by OTEplus for the project included the following:
• Development of criteria and sub-criteria both quantitave and qualitative.
• Linkage of performance / target achievement with issues related to salary incentives, personal development and promotion.
• Design of an HR strategy - Design of evaluation forms and evaluation criteria.
• Design of the personnel evaluation procedure.

The determination of the role, activities, competences and targets of each job position of the company was a prerequisite to all the above. In this framework, proposals for a necessary reorganisation were made taking also into account the newly installed Information System STIBO.

Staffing and Training Plan of OTE-COSMOTE-OTENET Personnel for the Support of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004
Client : Consortium of companies OTE - COSMOTE - OTENET
Duration : 01/2003 – 03/2004
Description :The project scope was to design/develop a Staffing and Training Plan within the framework of the technical and consulting support provided to the consortium OTE - COSMOTE - OTENET for the specific needs of the “Olympic Sponsorship of OTE in 2004”.

The tasks completed by OTEplus in this project that was conducted in cooperation with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Q-Plan consulting firms, involved the participation in developing the following:
1. Staffing plan: comprised among others the transcription of the required job positions in all Olympic Games venues as well as the premises of OTE-COSMOTE-OTENET, the required number of personnel, the job descriptions, the skills required, the staffing programming-rotation, etc.
2. Training plan: transcription of the required training seminars for each position described above and the related time plan.

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