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Telecom Sector
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We support the telecommunication organisations and enterprises in their operation optimisation and in business opportunities identification and exploitation.

Our client target list includes:
Fixed and Mobile Telephony organisations
Telecom service/product providers
Regulatory Authorities (as well as their development companies)
Government (telecom related public organisations)

During the last years we have provided services to the following organisations/ enterprises (indicatively):

In Greece:
OTE S.A. (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.)
OTE International
HellasCOM International
INA (Institute of Southeastern Europe)
EETT (National Telecommunications and Post Commission of Greece)

Cosmote Romania
Cosmofon Mobile Telecommunications AD Skopje
Ukrainian Wave
CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority)

Indicative projects:
Process reengineering & strategy development (CRM-BPR) within the framework of the CRM transformation program, OTE S.A.
Design and implementation study for the introduction of an RFID system in the supply chain, OTE S.A.
Development of OTE process design methodology, Business Process Management framework, Process Ownership model (OTE-BPM), OTE S.A.
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Measurement, OTE S.A.
Customer & Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement, ROMTELECOM S.A.
Executive Training of the Public Sector Servants who are Involved in the ‘SYZEFXIS’ Project, OTE S.A.
HR Evaluation System, INFOTE S.A.
Staffing and Personnel Training Plan for the Support of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, OTE S.A.- COSMOTE S.A. – OTENET S.A.
Implementation of Geographical Database System (GIS) Network, OTE S.A.


Business Cases
Feasibility study for the introduction of RFID to OTE supply chain (OTE-RFID)
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement for OTE
Development of Process Map, Business Process Management Framework, Process Ownership Model and Process Design Methodology for OTE (OTE-BPM
Digitilisation of OTE network maps for the OTE GIS network database
CRM Business Process Reengineering & Strategy development for OTE (CRM-BPR)
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